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All of our manufacturing partners are ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified.

Our steel comes only from producers who have Computer Controlled Alloy Mixing Systems that can provide us with the Certified Accuracy of the Micro-Alloys that XRF uses.

The steel is then double-checked by spectrographic analysis by our QC department before it can be used in production.

All steps of our manufacturing process are monitored by a system of Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Five pieces per 1000 are checked (1 every 200). If one piece fails, then 100% of all parts made since the last “pass” must be checked as well as the equipment set-up before production can begin again.

Each part is checked electronically as it is being made on the CNC Machines and then it is checked again manually using the SPC system.

All of our manufacturing procedures are monitored and verified each step of the way by our sophisticated system of Statistical Process Control (SPC). Each part as it is being manufactured is checked either physically or electronically for specification conformity through each step of its manufacture. Each part is date coded and SPC charts can be pulled for inspection should a difficulty arise with the part. Our SPC system stops production if a component is out of specification. The problem is corrected and production resumes.

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